Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moving day (2)

Tuesday we were busy running errands in the morning. I went to the post office to fill out those things that forward your mail, we went to the old house, went to Starbucks for a little pick me up and my mom treated all of us to ice cream! The kids loved seeing Gigi (my maternal grandmother), my sister Amanda and my brother’s girlfriend Heather. After that we started in on packing my parent’s house. I insisted we organize everything, pack it folded and in perfect condition and that it all be cleaned. J wanted to just toss everything in the back of the truck. Haha! It took about 6 hours to pack it all up, clean and wash sheets and blankets. The kids are in their sleeping bags now. The van is packed with all the snacks, blankets and movies for the trip. The truck is packed, locked and ready for J to jump in.

Our plan is as follows; leave at 5:00am.The kids have sippy cups of milk and baggies chocolate cereal. Drive to Tri-Cities and stop at starbucks. Turn on a movie for the kids. Drive to Mt Hood. Kids get changed into their clothes and have a snack. J plans to play soccer somewhere at a park. Pack back up. Pray the children take naps. Arrive at our new house around 12:00pm and unload.

7 hours until we pull out – better hit the sack!

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