Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving day (1 of 3)

Monday we picked up the moving truck from budget. I found a coupon for budget at, simply entered and found a 20% off coupon, also since we paid with our Visa (bank card – no credit cards here) they didn’t charge us a deposit, $150.00!!  The kids were so excited to see the truck and Joe referred to the truck as “ten-wheel”. When J would speed up in the truck Joe would shout, ‘Wait for US ten wheel!!!” Haha! We headed to our storage unit and turned a movie on in the car for the kids. A few years ago my brother in law won a car DVD player at work for having good call times and since he lived with us at the time and because he didn’t even own a car he said we could have it. We were so happy to find it again. It took us about 35 minutes to load the truck then we came home for naps.

It’s been a bit sad saying good bye to my family. We’re really close; my mom and my sister are my best friends. We drink copious amounts of tea, sew and play with babies together. My sister just found out she’s pregnant for the first time and due March 22nd. I’m of course planning to drive back for her birth not to mention we’re driving back for Christmas, but I’ll miss seeing the little kumquat grow, and what if I get there too late? *deep breath in, deep breath out*.

We headed to our old house, which will be closing on Saturday. We had a few more things to load into our truck. When we all got there we found someone had broken into our house and threw all of our things around. They had broken some of my china, put our door to the basement in the back yard by the gate and even looked through all our paperwork that was packed up. We don’t know if it was a robbery or if they were looking for information but it was so discouraging that we had to clean it all up again. After that we drove to see my sister’s daycare building. Her and my mom are opening an infant daycare and have been remodeling and painting their new building. It isn’t finished but it was fun to see it before we move. They’ve done a great job painting cute murals and stuff. My sister took the kids and we went to a Thank you dinner with my parents. They’ve been letting us stay with them from the time we moved out of the old place until now. We gave them a little thank you gift and had a fun time chatting. It was so nice of Amanda to watch the kids for us so we could say goodbye to my parents.

Only two days to go until we’re headed off!

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