Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Day in the Life of Six Toompi


I knew the day would be busy. We always have family dinner and I knew I wouldn't get much homework done unless I got up early. I know, I amaze myself too.


My Dad stumbled into the kitchen and put on some coffee then disappeared. A few minutes later I smelled firewood. Guess what he started?


Cue Sam bursting through the doors asking for hot chocolate milk. :)

Lucy also appeared around 8:30am and was happy to lay on her quilt and have a warm bottle of milk!


Joe seeps out the door, under a blanket and someone gives him some hot cocoa too. He perks up immediately and starts telling his crazy stories. :)

Molly arrives with scary hair.

Breakfast. Doughnut peaches and Gingerbread. Yum.



With out bellies full people begin filtering away from the fire to play soccer or to get dressed.

11:00 am

Molly gets tossed in the bath while Jerry takes the boys to play manly soccer at the park. She loves alone time AND bubble bath time. :)


Lucy had a quick nap and now she tries a new food - carrots. She thinks they're okay but would rather chew on a medicine spoon.


Sam helps my Dad clip some herbs for our dinner and becomes obsessed with picking them. This is his stash.


This man has an insatiable appetite... for soccer. ;)


During the kids' nap time I FORCE myself to do some laundry and finish 5 loads.


nap time went so fast I can't even imagine it happened.


Shall we throw some rooster on the barby? Yum (and not so yum. The rooster was really tough!)


Max, Holly, Lucas, Chad, Amanda and Heather arrive for dinner.


 dinner is delicious


stoke fire, grab blankets, drink tea. Relax.


Watch 4 episodes of Bones while Jerry does homework.


I begged Jerry to help me with the leftover homework I didn't finish (it's due Mondays at 8am!) and he did...

Blissful Bed time!

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