Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too stupid to be a mother...

Seriously. I've done so many foolish things as a mother and yet I still surprise myself!

Yesterday was Family Story Time at our local library. We've never been because the kids usually have Awana on Tuesdays, but Awana is over so we need more fun to fill our boring lives. 

Our latest boring adventures are eating dinner with chopsticks.

The kids are supposed to wear their pajamas and then I was planning on taking the kids to ice cream. It sounded pretty fun to me. I called my sister to invite her to come help wrangle children and bribed her with ice cream.

So we arrive at the library about 6:45, the kids all decked out in pajamas and we wait... it was a little awkward people kept looking at us... and we waited... I saw another mom looking confused with her tubby kid dressed in pajamas too... and we waited... the kids were great and quietly looked at books.


Then I realized we were at the wrong library.

It was a bit embarrassing, but we grabbed some books and headed for ice cream.

Molly loved her dilly bar


We shall try again next week. 

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