Friday, June 4, 2010

Preschool year in review

I got a CD of pictures from the preschool today with all his class room fun on it. So nice of them so I decided to upload them onto here for doting grandparents. :)

Building "jumps" with Carl, Sam, Liz and red stripe shirt boy.

Dr. Seuss's birthday!

Field trip to Tomato street

Sam and Teacher Sue. Sam's "special" day. He brought his Pokemon cards to show everyone!

Awesome magnetic blocks. 

They were his favorite toy, I'm told. 

Cutting circles.

Play dough

Planting Sunflower seeds!!

He had a great 1/2 year (since we moved mid year) at the preschool. While I'm not sure the amount of learning he accomplished, it is bitter sweet to see him moving on to Kindergarten. 

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