Monday, June 7, 2010

8 Months Old

Sweet Lucy is 8 months old. I never thought she's be as adorable and sweet as she is. In fact, everyday she suprises me with her sweetness.

I've noticed that I take way too many close up shots. I think t's because I think her face is just so adorable!

She's getting a neck and as we all know, getting a neck leads to being a toddler.

Sam is her 3rd favorite person. Lucy is Sam's 2nd favorite person. They spend hours together cuddling and playing together.

Lucy loves to cuddle with her favorite people (although I think Lucy and Molly just "put up" with eachother. They're not in love like Lucy and Sam)

She's so cute that I can't help giggling at her.

I'd say she's a "professional" eater now, except she really isn't. She likes to eat food but she has a terrible gag relex so basically if you're eating you're not going to want her to be eating at the same time... unless you like vomit noises.

Even when in the throws of a rediculously high fever she is happy.

And she is such a relaxed little person you never have to worry about her galavanting away. You can plop her on a lawn chair and she will sit there for over an hour, only moving her head to look for Sam.

Lucy eating her FIRST french fry.

Both of these children (my nephew Lucas and Lucy) are freakishly sized. Lucas at 8 weeks is freakishly long and Lucy at 8 months is freakishly short.

But she is VERY helpful at quilting.

And has Jerry's rediculous sense of humor. ( and LOVES the wipe case. It is her favorite toy)

This month she got her bottom TWO teeth.

AND her top one!

She loves sushi.

And we love her. :)

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