Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day

My life is so blessed right now, I mean it's always blessed. I have so many wonderful amazing things going on everyday but I suppose sometimes I just can see the blessings. 

Mother's Day was just like this. 

I think one of the things I loved the most about Mother's Day was that it was busy and we were rushing around. I love being busy - staying home, not so much. Jerry took me out to coffee (seriously, my favorite thing in the WORLD) then the boys had their Awana awards so we got to go to church where everyone wished me a happy mother's Day. lol. It made me happy. 

I at first wondered who on earth would do an awards ceremony on MOTHER"S DAY??? But actually the more I thought about it and while I watched through teary eyes as my "big' kids walked on stage in their little vests and accepted the awards I couldn't help but think it's got to be the best kind of service. You see, I was the one who did helped with the homework and drove them to Awana and paid for it. 

When we told Sam he had Awana and we were heading to church so he needed to hurry his breakfast he flopped his arms and said, "Not JESUS again!" lol. 

After church we went to my parent's house 

And gave my mom her gift. We framed them and she of course loved them. 

 We had hot dogs and chocolate covered things for lunch while sitting by a warm fire and I have to say the weather was just SO perfect. 

The kids played around outside 

and then Jerry took them home. My mom and I went to the Mother's Day Historic House tour put on by the MAC. She loves history I love houses. Worked out. It was so much fun! I don't have any pictures of that because there were no photos aloud but the houses were so gorgeous! Afterwards my mom took me to coffee(!!!) again before dropping me at home. I bet some people would think it was ridiculous for my me to have left my children on the day they're celebrating me but honestly getting a break from them was a perfect gift that my husband could have given me! 

But there's more! 

He took me out to sushi for dinner and the kids all enjoyed it too!

I love watching them love things I love. Sam ate almost as much sushi as I did. He loved raw salmon but not so much tuna. Like his momma. :) 

Jerry the kids picked out a perfect mother's day gift. A necklace. It is the size of the tip of my finger and is so pretty. 

 And after ALL that I took a really really long bath while he put the kids to bed and then we watched a fun movie and... that's probably all you want to know. ;)

It was a great mother's day. I hope yours was as filled with love and goodness as mine was

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