Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Joe!

Joe had a great birthday!

For Sam's birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese, but for Joe's birthday we went to Ihop. Breakfast is his favorite meal (it's actually the word he uses to refer to ALL meals - Breakfast) and since I refused to make eggs every single morning (which is his favorite food!) this was a perfect Birthday dinner err... meal. 

I don't usually invite my WHOLE family to anything we've hosted. Let's face it, there are a lot of them. And while I love them all sometimes they can't literally fit into a house or in our case, an apartment! So since it is a good season for outdoors and my parents finally have somewhere we can have lots of people over we chose to invite a few friends and the whole family.  My Dad barbecued 40 hot dogs and over 50 hamburgers! 

Boy what a turn out!!!

And I'm so glad too because it was just SO fun!!! 

First we had a pinata (just to get a jump start on the sugar.)  

Then we did a stick horse race:

Which I should mention Heather and I dominated. 

Then we had cake!

And of course PRESENTS!!! 

Since we knew so many people were coming we told my entire family not to bring presents, then he would only have a few to open but they did anyway and he had about a million to open. I was so worried about it. You know how children are, randomly saying the most embarrassing things all the time! On Sam's birthday Sam pulled out a few things that he didn't "love" and said, "Joe this is for you." lol. But Joe did an amazing job and proclaimed little things such as, "OH my goodness!" and "It's my fafowit!" So all turned out well and I had no reason to worry. 

My Uncle T brought his 4 wheeler and let everyone ride on it. Here are the Joe's on the Rhino. Well, it's not a "pony" ride but it is more current day "farm" accurate I suppose. lol

My goal this year was to have everything hand made for his birthday. This failed in the biggest way. The cake. 

It burned. And I was too tired and too sick (I got heat exhaustion the night before the party! Grrr) to make a new one (plus 70 cupcakes) so I stopped at Costco for the cake. I'm not sure if it was delicious or not because I wasn't feeling too well during the party so I didn't eat anything, but knowing costco; it was. I threw away the extra cake. I did not eat it at home. :)

We still have 5 gallons of ice cream in my parents freezer. :)

Of course something slightly stressful HAD to happen as something always does have to happen. During the present opening suddenly 5 cops drive into my parent's street (their house is situated on a triangle of land so they have two streets to their house, a dirt road which is their back door and the main paved road which is their front door) so we're in the front and the cops are in the back. They get out their ASSAULT RIFFLES and are all in position for some sort of killing when I found out that the people next door's children were using air riffles to kill marmots by the river and the other neighbor who is a crabby woman who has nothing better to do than look out her window with binoculars and complain to every authority out there, called the police on them. Yikes. It was all figured out and no one was hurt; but still!!! :)

Anyway, here are the banners I made and you can see the shirt Joe's wearing has a big "4" on it with his name machine embroidered across the top. I order it from for $19.99. So those were at least hand made. 


"Happy Birthday"

So that was it. I'm trying to figure out how to send out Thank you cards as there were few names on the gifts. Any ideas?

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