Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 Months

October 6th now seems more like a lifetime ago than 7 months!

Lucy has learned so many things and done so many cute things this month! I can't believe how old she is getting to be!!

My first bit of news is since turning 6 months Lucy has 100% weaned herself. This was NOT really my plan, but I knew it would happen if I had Jerry give her a bottle. She is such a peculiar baby too, she likes soy formula better than milk based.  She Also likes to feed herself the bottle and if you hold her while she's eating then she wrestles the bottle from you. But somehow I don't mind, I have to admit it is a little bit nice to get a break, and lately it's the only time she's not forcing me to hold her.

On the baby food front she has all but stopped completely eating regularly. She has been teething like the dickens and tightens her lips when you try to offer her a spoon. But she does love crackers!

This was a picture of her after a full day of crying. FULL day. Then I suctioned out her nose and gave her Motrin and teething tablets and she stopped. That became our new norm for a few days.

The end result was a little pearl. :)

She has also learned to move about the room... not in any sort of manor and not in any directions. She can roll to her stomach from her back then somehow she ends up somewhere else. :)

Sam is no kidding, her best friend. She LOVES him and he love her too. He gives her so much attention and they're perfect little buddies. He is a constant talker and amazingly doesn't understand that she has no idea what he's saying and she in turn smiles and goos at him. 

She can say, 'DADA" and I'm surprised how deep her voice is after Molly's glass shattering pixie voice.

She is still just So content to be wherever, doing whatever and playing with anything. She is sweet, and caring and gentle. Completely unlike Molly. lol. She loves to touch our faces and is so gentle.

She loves Molly too but I have a feeling this will be a relationship where Molly is a little bit superior. She is a little bit superior to everyone donchaknow. But Lucy is the kind of little sister that will love her and follow her like a lost kitten everywhere. I try to encourage Molly to be sweet to Lucy by giving her little tasks for Lucy. Like bringing her toys, or giving her Lucy's binky or a blanket. They're going to be the best of sister. :)

There is something about her that melts people's hearts. Her sweetness has always been apparent, even in her earliest screaming days. From the moment she was born you could just tell she was a little bit different. And that she fits right in.

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