Monday, April 12, 2010

Preschool in a bag

When I first sat down and started to put together my lesson plans, I had decided to do the letter of the week and a corresponding "theme". We started with "A" is for Ant, Joe learned a little poem about an ant, colored and ant, did a little ant art project and then the next day I couldn't imagine still talking about Ants so we moved on to Airplanes. However, on day 3 I realized this would need SO much more planning than I was equipped for as I'm trying to not buy any supplies for awhile until I really get a taste of what we want to focus on but lucky for me (or I should say all of us) we spent Tuesday afternoon getting our new library cards and that is where I discovered "Preschool in a Bag".

Bless you dear librarian whoever thought of this! It is basically the canvas library bag with a theme in it - of course I immediately picked the "transportation" themed one and brought it home. It contains several books, a few little coloring lessons and an amazing idea book. I am so thrilled with this that when we go back to the library (on Wednesdays for library story time) I will trade this in for next week's them. I'm so excited and relieved, this will make things just THAT much more simple!

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