Thursday, April 29, 2010

Montessori Shelf: Cleaning

The way I grew up everyone pulled their own weight around the house. My mom cooked and did laundry, my Dad went to work and the 4 of us children did ALL the cleaning. I remember when I turned 5 pulling chairs up to the kitchen sink to wash the dishes. My parents installed a good work ethic in us, and I hope to do the same for my kids and as soon as they were able to understand directions  they were appointed little chores.

Currently the kids have chore charts that are on the wall in the living room. All their chores include getting dressed, brushing their teeth, picking up their bedroom and having a good attitude. At this point I do not with hold stickers for having a rough day, I thinks even Sam is too young to fully understand and keep in mind throughout the day to watch his attitude. They have additional chores that cater to their age and or capabilities. Molly collects all the books from around the house and puts them on the book shelf. This is the easiest job since we really don't have TOO many books and usually just a handful are out. Joe's current job is to collect laundry. This is the second easiest job because he just has to look around and pick it up, take it into the bathroom and deposit it into the laundry basket. Sam's chores are to pick up the toys in the living room. This is a tough job because it involves sorting. We do not have a community toy box, the kids' toys belong in their separate rooms, mostly in bins or in drawers and the baby toys belong in a basket in the living room. I do have to keep an extra eye on him because really, it can be pretty confusing but he does a great job! I award our stickers at night before their bedtime. Eventually when they are older if they do not have all their stars they will not be allowed to listen in on story time.

On our montessori shelf we have a small basket that contains a spray bottle of lemon water, 3 sponges (each kidlet has their own sponge so they can all play at the same time), a squeegee and duster. I found all these things including the carrier at the dollar store. The kids are allowed to pretty much use it on anything besides the TV, toys and books. Whenever we're using it it's a big hit and the kids do a great job sharing it with each other.

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