Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Look in a book

We love books in this house, so much that we're constantly at our library limit of 50 books per card holder. I really love reading books and then showing the kids that we can take example from the books and put the story they taught into practice. Thus is born;

I'd love if you participated in this too by posting a book YOU read and put into action. I'll eventually add some links and stuff to get it all snazzy.

This week we read Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk.

This book is about a little mouse who lives in the library and loves books. He loves them so much that he decides to write some of his own books. At night he slips his books onto the shelves and the next morning when the humans find them, they love them! The librarians set up a "meet the author day" and invite him to come but he's too shy to go so instead he comes up with a better plan.

You'll have to read the book to find out the ending but let me tell you this is a really terrific book. The kids especially loved it because the mouse's name is Sam, just like our big brother Sam.

"But don't take MY word for it!" ;)

Here is Joe's book. He was really into making his own book! He currently really loves the color brown so everything he colors is either brown or green, his previous "fafowit" color.

His book is a mystery  about "Plombat" the dinosaur who is afraid of fire.

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