Monday, April 19, 2010

Joe fixes a car

We had another beautiful weekend here; the weather is close to 80 degrees lately. We also got to spend the weekend at my Mom's house with my brother's girlfriend. She drove over to hang out with us and study for her university exams, though I can't be sure how many hours of studying she got. We did however eat plenty of apple pie, played with the chicks and drank too much tea. I had plans to finish painting a shelf for our school supplies, however drinking tea took president and well, next thing I knew it was too dark.

My children love to play out on my Mom's farm and this weekend while Heather was visiting she needed a headlight changed so my Dad obliged. He also was kind enough to let Joe help him which if I could guess was the best day of his life. He loves building things, and cars and "working". He's an incredibly hard worker.

Thanks to Joe her car is now able to run. ;)

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