Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

Our easter this year was very different than usual.

The most obvious thing I can think of is that we didn't go to church. We didn't hunt any eggs and most of all I didn't eat too much chocolate. We also didn't dye any eggs.

Molly woke up easter morning feeling like this:

But after a nebulizer treatment she felt so so so much better!

But by then it was too late to go to church so we forged into the morning by giving the kids their baskets.

Joe is so freaking cute. :)

We skipped church because Molly was so sick and Jerry's Mom, a couple of his sisters, our niece and nephew and Jerry's Uncle came over for dinner. We had lamb, pork roast, garlic red potatoes and asparagus. I'd say thumbs down on dinner. While I was plating the gravy I some how poured a whole ladle full on my knuckles. For a few minutes I thought I got 3rd degree burns. lol. Then about an hour later I was sure it was 2nd degree burns but today they're mostly not burned anymore. well, I still have blisters on three knuckles and my middle fingers is a little reddish and missing a bit of flesh. So painful. I had to take a tylenol PM because it was burning still at midnight.

My SIL D brought some crafty things with her and kept the kids entertained. It was so nice too because our house is so small and having so many kids was a little chaotic. I only survive in chaos for so long. lol

It was fun to see everyone! :)

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