Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

My grandma is such a rambunctious wild woman! Her poor old bones can hardly keep up with her. She is very active for such an old lady :) She plays bridge once a week with her other old lady friends and harasses the grandkids and moves her furniture all over the place.

This lil' old lady birthed 10 kids! My mom is #8. I have many many cousins, and now second cousins. Actually from both sides my Dad had 13 brothers and sisters and they all went forth and multiplied too! All together I have 106 first cousins, the oldest is old and the youngest is 1. Who knows how many great grandkids there are. Usually though, birthday parties end up being a big ordeal with billions of people. I think there was about 30 people there this weekend and that's small for us!

On April 11th she turned 83! It was a nice low-key party and the kids did great and holy smokes wherever that cake came from it sure was delicious!

To the great grandkids she is called, "Grandma Great" or "G.G"

**Chloe, Emily and Molly great grand daughters**

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