Monday, April 12, 2010

Dyed Pasta

Lately, we're working on building our craft supplies. Today we worked on making bulk dyed noodles. My original idea was to have the colors of the rainbow for each type of pasta but I only made it to 5 colors because I ran out of food coloring. Also for future reference while it doesn't matter how many drops of dye you put in the noodles, the purple for instance was a lot more 'brown' than I would have liked. I put in too much blue and then not enough red. Oh well, it'll work out just fine for our preschool/kindergarden projects and I'm very happy with the outcome!

3 Cups noodles/pasta
1tsp white vinegar or rubbing alcohol*
5-6 drops of food coloring

I had fair warning from every where I looked that you should be overly prepared with gloves and body armor... I however didn't use any of the such and used ziploc baggies instead of tupperware and it worked out great with no mess at all.

I let Joe measure the pasta and then dump it into the baggie then I added the vinegar* and food coloring.

After I locked it up he got to shake and mix it. He had a blast working on this project!*I used vinegar because I was sure someone would snitch one and eat it. Sure enough Molly came down the hall with her little cheeks stuffed with the wagon wheel pasta! If you do use the rubbing alcohol make sure your children are not eating it!

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