Monday, April 26, 2010

Counting Coins

Boy have we been busy! I kept trying to blog but I kept getting interrupted! I think we'll be good now, the kids are all in bed, or I should say in their rooms. :)

Monday I spent 14 hours at the hospital witnessing the labor and delivery of my 1st nephew (on my side, my husband has a niece and a nephew that we get to see occasionally) and boy was it tiring! I finally went home at 3:00am and he was born at 3:23, so I JUST missed it but I did get to see him the next day and the next day and the next day... I suppose "busy" to me means driving to and from the hospital for three days then to their house and to my moms house. I swear I already live in my car and my kids aren't even that old! I have to say my nephew, Lucas is the most pretty baby. He has a perfect little face without any blemishes and gorgeous long eyelashes and incredibly kissable lips. He is just so sweet.

This morning we went to a play date for the first time in forever. Sometimes I find myself still grappling with motherhood. Being a mom of four is for the most part exhausting. I tend to go places when I know Jerry is going to be home so I can leave one or two of the kids with him, now that's it's been 6 months I can occasionally leave Lucy and he's okay with it. He's a great husband and an amazing Dad. He dedicates all his free time to us and I love every minute of it! Our play date today was comical; Molly and Joe fought incessantly over every single toy. I could have strangled them at any point.

It got worse as the day wore on despite them both taking naps. Molly is so protective of her things and unwilling to share and Joe is so grabby, hands on and an in your face high energy kid - not a good match today! I ended up pulling out all the stops and letting Joe take a reaaaaaally long bubble bath complete with whisks, measuring cups and mixing bowls (all plastic). I gave Molly a very important task of putting all our coins in the digital piggy bank. It counts how much money is in there but we "snitch" money from there for coffee or for parking fees on family days so it needed recounting anyway. She took this job to heart and sat completely still and concentrated for about 45 minutes. I sat next to her and we named each coin as she put it in. She said, "pennies are my "fafowit" (favorite) and proceeded to tell me a long story about the pennies are the babies. By the end of our time putting away coins she knew quarters and pennies. She's a smart one! :)

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