Tuesday, April 6, 2010

182 days

That's a long time! Except, when you're a baby it's like nothing. It's actually like, 6 months.

Lucy has started solids. Officially. She eats "solid" food twice a day and she loves it. I swear it took her about 20 minutes to learn how to open her mouth and chew. That's it. However, she now believes that if you are eating anything you should also been feeding her. 

She caught a little cold this month, but that doesn't seem to have slowed her down at all!

In fact, this month has been an amazing month for her!

She now accepts bottles. Thank you Jesus. Like I said before, I'm planning on doing bloomsday and I'm reserving 5 hours. Since she will take a bottle the chances of her starving to death by the end of that 5 hours is greatly diminished.

But she NEEDS more food. She learned to roll over FINALLY. This of course is a photo of the first time she rolled over. She was so surprised and excited that a human was capable of doing this rolling thing! It was the most funny because she rolled right under mr. elephant and he kept bonking her in the head. lol!

Since learning to roll she's also become a fan of tummy time. She loves to read books. :)

And did I mention she can sit up now!?!

All that extra stuff has made an impact in her sleeping. 

And since doing all these new things, especially the eating which has really gotten her pooping some "solid" poop, she has dropped about 6 oz in weight. Believe me, I was freaking out until she started on her hungry bear days. She nows eats approx. every 7 minutes. 

But when you think of what was going on 182 days ago... 

it just doesn't seem that long at all.

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