Sunday, March 21, 2010

Swimming - mixed feelings

First of all getting out this morning was a pain in the A. I slept freakin' 9 hours last night but I was SO tired. You know the tired where it feels like you can't breath and your heart is beating slowly? ugh.

I had to gather a bazillion things and even feed the kids before we left and about 10 minutes before we left I realised I hadn't shaved my legs in an embarrassing amount of time so I had to shave and then we were late getting out.

I picked up Coco and Z and both babies (Princess M and Z - not Coco) cried the ENTIRE way there. It was kind of funny because M would cry then stop and look at Z and he would cry then stop and look at M. They're already taking turns! :)

I am SO glad that Coco came with me because I refuse to go on base by myself. Being in the visitors center for God knows how long (I've waited up to 20 minutes JUST to be denied entrance (one of us forgot our drivers license *ahem* not me) with three kids! Coco waited in the car with the boys and I brought Princess M in with me. She made eyes with the men behind the counter and some general contractor who was also trying to get on base. Luckily we only waited about 5 minutes.

Dressing the kids in their swimming suits was another pain - I was a bit surprised the floor was SO wet! Princess M's robeez were soaked and even her socks got wet through them. Little J didn't want to wear a swim diaper and Super S acted kind of crazy. I realise when he's uncomfortable he acts even MORE autistic than usual. (Oi vei you should have seen him at this appointment we went to a few weeks ago (creepy and like one of those severe autistics) 'nother story for 'nothertime)But we finally got in about 10:40 and stayed approx. 20 minutes or so. lol

The boys had a blast but Princess M wouldn't get in the water until every single person was out. I wonder if she was afraid she'd be splashed? So here's an assortment of pool pictures.

First she just stood for awhile.

Then she decided to squat for a few more minutes...

And finally she just plopped down on her butt. :)

Joe warming up in his towel

The boys being noisy boys in too big swim trunks!

After we got out and were dressing everyone I praised GOD that I had put a swim diaper on Joe (knowing how water make him poo) when I found diarrhea all over his lower diapered half. And again praised him when I had to give up on the wipes and just go shower him off. He screamed bloody murder of course because he's afraid of running water and you know showers... there's lots of running water. lol.

When I got home it started hailing. I looked up because I wasn't sure it was hail and not rain and got poked in the eye! Ouch! My eye is kind of red and slightly painful - ice in the eye - ouch.

Anyway - we're home now, we've all had lunch and water and lotion and the kids are in bed. *sigh*

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