Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break Camp

For Spring break we enrolled the boys in "Swimmer Safety Camp" at the Y.

It's every day from 9:30 to 10:15 - not sure why that's considered a camp. The first day they learned all about life guards, got to sit in the lifeguard's chair and learned to rescue their drowning swim instructors by throwing the noodle or a PFD out to them. 

The second day they worked on what they should do if THEY are drowning. They play all kinds of games with the kids and I think my favorite it, "PB&J". First Joe has to rub "peanut butter" all over the kick board, then he rubs "Jelly" on his tummy and then "sandwiches" the kick board to himself and floats on his back while she pulls him out and then he kicks back in.

Sam is learning to back stroke. They say, "Chicken, airplane rocket ship". lol.

He's actually doing very well except for every day at the end when they practice jumping in. Neither of the boys like that. We got them some goggles today so tomorrow they'll be able to get their eyes wet.

Today they got to learn about personal floatation devices and how to pick one that fits. 

They also got to ride in rescue boats. First they were taught how to safely climb in, then how to hold on and how to get out. :)

Something I find very funny, is that they give the kids "homework". It a paper where they're supposed to circle the "danger" spots in the pool and/or draw a safety boat. Draw a line from a PDF to the correct use and lastly list the rules of the pool. Yeah so not happening. Joe doesn't listen to his teacher AT ALL. She says, "Please make sure he reads the back, it's very important knowledge for him." lol. I know she's well meaning, but soo not happening.

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