Monday, March 15, 2010

Irish for a day!

We got a bit of the Irish in us. Well, not really. We actually have no Irish in us. But we have the spirit of celebration on us and in celebration of the celebration of St Patrick we headed to the St Patrick's Day Parade downtown.

So we dawned our green hair bows and beads.

Lucky for us Molly was in a good mood... for approximately 10 minutes. I think she got cold fast seeing as it was like 34 degrees in the shade which was... everywhere.

The kids were adorable waving at all the things that passed which included a giant firetruck, some creepy green dogs, a green horse, a man dressed as a gorilla riding a 4 wheeler and everyone in Spokane with an Irish last name. :)

And some bag pipers.

And a cuddly baby who's hat was too small.

Thank you to the Hugs for coming and suffering with us and for letting our boys fight over toys in the dirt. :)

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