Monday, March 15, 2010

First park day of the year!

We had a park day today since yesterday was 69 degrees but today was 52. So... do you know how much of an impact 17 degrees is? It's freaking cold. Especially when the wind is blowing. Or as Joe says, "The SUN is blowing!" :)

Lucy did have a good time though :)

Joe kept coming over and making me wipe his hands because the dust from the gravel was bugging him. I thought it was really funny. Luckily some friends came a bit later and he forgot about his dirty hand woes. 

Joe H. taught Joe T. a little something about imagination. Joe spent the rest of the afternoon pretending to shoot me with his "shooter finger". He kept yelling, "HAHA, MOM I SHOT YOUR FACE." I for one can only pretend to be dead so many times!

Molly ate strawberries, PB&J sandwiches and some Gatorade before this picture was taken which would explain her incredibly filthy face. :) I don't generally let her run around looking like so and promise I wiped her down with a wet wipe before we went to Fred Meyer. 

We had a crazy rest of the afternoon and Molly's nap was interrupted faaaar to early and we've paid the price tonight! lol. Here's to another great morning tomorrow... :S

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