Friday, March 19, 2010

Field Trip

Sam had his first field trip on the 18th and I was SO happy I could go too! I was a little nervous about leaving Lucy with Jerry but it was only 3 hours so we just figured she could either last or cry and not die. Luckily she lasted. 

We got to take the bus all the way from his Preschool 40 minutes into Spokane and we got to tour the new and MUCH improved Tomato Street! I think it was funny that none of the teachers realized ALL the kids thought they were actually going to a street and were extra happy when they saw it was a restaurant. lol. I got to ride the bus with Sam and spend some one on one time with him and it was just so fun! He is such a funny kid. On the bus he all the sudden got mopey and says, "We should have worn disguises. I should have thought of it sooner." lol. He is the most random silly kid ever.

So here he is with teacher Leslie. I was chatting in a booth with Carl's Mom and then Sam said he'd be right back and when he came back he had T. Leslie with him. I guess he had gone over there and said, "Excuse me, may I get a picture with you?" and then when she squatted down to take it next to him he very smoothly slipped his arm around her shoulder. Hahaha, she was surprised and trying not to laugh and says, "Oh! okay." Whada gentleman! 

The new Tomato Street, like the old one was just so cool and decorated. I never noticed a lot of the decor before so I'm not sure if they had these doors for walls/windows but they were really cool. I love that place! 

I couldn't believe the amount of soda they passed out to the kids. Didn't they know we had to take a 40 minute bus ride? 

Sam said he wanted his "only" memory to be of this particular lamp and I HAD to take a picture. I'm not sure he remembers any of it anyway but it was pretty funny.

Here he is actually coloring on the table. He hates to color so I was much impressed!

He has three more field trips before school gets out which to me seems like a TON. That's like 12 per year, but I hope I can go on all of them. It was really fun to partake of the festivities and to eat pizza for free! :)

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