Friday, March 19, 2010

End of the Quarter Celebration.

Yesterday Jerry finished his last final and we decided today would be the perfect day for a date afternoon - Lucy was the third wheel. 

We had sushi, went to the library, walked around the mall, stopped in at Starbucks then went and rode the gondolas. 

I will freely admit it was freaking SCARY. I thought for sure we were going to die and plunge to our death!

But I put on a brave face for the camera and of course for Lucy in the future. I wouldn't want her looking back on our time spent together and her thinking I would knowingly put her in danger... therefor I've vowed to never tell a soul that I almost vomited and gasped every time it rocked or moved. I also vow never to talk about yelling at Jerry to not talk to me because I thought that might tip us over. I ALSO vow to never go on it again. It was severely traumatic!

I have to admit I've never seen two cuter people... besides the other 4 we left at my parents. :)

Lucy enjoyed looking out the window and wasn't concerned at all! 

We have documented proof these two bad boys were drinking in public -> notice the "keystone lights"?

I had no idea how tall the bridge was until I was under it :)

Okay, I admit it was really scary but still a wonderful day to spend with the husbie. He is so sweet and caring and thoughtful and was really nice to let me wander the library for as long as he did while holding Lucy. :)

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