Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I've been tired beyond belief. I sleep, eat, lay on the couch, eat some more, and occasionally take care of my kids. But as tired as I am I've been in a really good mood, have been giving the kids a ton more attention than usual (but then again it may be from my new residence on the sofa) and have even been playing toys with them. I'm happy. I don't think I've felt like this in awhile. True contentment that only horribly frightening hormonal changes can bring. *sigh*

2. I am doing a "blog makeover" for a friend. It'll be a big reveal.

3. Princess M at her 13 month mark is an amazing little girl. She can say sooo many words - I can understand her almost all the time. She says, "Stop it", "Don't touch", "It's mine", "Tickle back", "Where did Little J go" (it sounds more like; wa da ju go) and she holds her hands palms up. She's walking all over now, throws big fits if you don't put shoes and a hair bow on and LOVES and I mean LOVES when I clip her fingernails. How weird is that she holds still with her fingers all spread apart like she's getting a manicure. Her cuteness is overwhelming.

4.  Little J is so cuddly. Mostly I posted this picture because his hair is so emo. Hehehe, so funny.

5. I scraped the side of my hand this morning and was looking for a little band aid. It wasn't bleeding or anything but I kept brushing it against things and it kept re-hurting it. So I went into the First Aid kit. This is the one I had to make before I could be a Girl Scout Leader. They have certain requirements since girl scouts are often found doing unusual things. As I'm digging through I realise that while I have benadryl creme, finger splints, antiseptic wash, gaze pads and tape, ice packs, thermometer and covers, alcohol pads and individual hand sanitizer I do not have ONE band aid. Good thing no one ever got hurt on my watch!

6. For my Birthday Daddy J ordered me several of my favorite magazenes.  I'm looking forward to my first issues of Family Fun, Parents, Real Simple and of course Martha Stewart Living.

7. I *have* to have music on all day. I'm very particular about what kind of music I listent to though. In the morning I'll listen to Christian music (gets my day started) and then after the kids are situated in an activity I'll listen to some jazz while drinking tea or reading a  book. The majority of music I listen to is "Big Band" or ANYTHING from the 20s to the 40s. And after Daddy J gets off work we listen to country.

8. If you're wondering, yes I have weird "rules" for myself for everything.

9. Molly went to bed on Sunday night at 10:30, woke up at 8:30 and got ready for her nap by 11. She then slept until 6pm when we woke her up and then she went back to bed at 8:30 and is still sleeping (it's 8:40). I'm worried about teenagehood.

10. Lastnight at the dinner table.

S. "Mom - God lives in the sky. It's called Heaven."

M. "Mmmhm"

S.  "When is he going to come back?"

M and Daddy J look frantically at eachother

M "He lives in our hearts"

Daddy J chokes on his food

M "Well, someday God will come back and take everyone who believes in him and obeys his commands to live with him in heaven." My mind is screambling around - I don't think I even believe that.

S angrily says, "Well he doesn't live in MY heart" and thumps his chest. *sigh*

Some parents would say this is a good learning opportunity for him but it's also a conflict because we aren't very "sturdy" in our beliefes... I need to read a book on explaining things to my kids. Anyone recomend a good book?

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