Friday, February 5, 2010

Four Months

Somehow Lucy turned 4 months old. Apparently whether you want it to or not, time continues to march on.

She is such a delight. Her crying is but a memory and there is never a time a quick nursing can't comfort her - I'm sure you can tell from that round belly and equally rotund cheeks. She is absolutely the most wonderful baby you could imagine and takes after her sister more than we ever thought... yep, you guessed it - she sleeps about 18 hours a day and is on the exact same schedule Molly was on.

She is still a bit behind on the "milestones" and basically has learned to hold her head up and just two weeks ago found her hands and now loves to munch on them. She is 13lbs 5oz now and 24" long. My most favorite thing she does is holds her ear when she nurses. It is so sweet.

We have yet to hear a laugh, but I'm sure once she starts laughing she will be laughing all the time. Basically you can get a giant smile like the one above by just looking at her. She LOVES attention! She is sleeping through the nights and waking around 5:30 or 6:00 for a bite to eat then falls back asleep until 9.. .or 10 and tells us she's tired by letting out a little yelp then you pick her up and she nuzzles her face into your neck. She is very anti Binky right now and is a professional at falling asleep in her own bed. If she is tired and I feed her I then put her in her cradle and she looks around for a few minutes then closes her eyes and sleeps. Thank God! :) She continues to battle cradle cap and the never ending eye infection. She has had her tear duct clogged in her right eye since she was born and now I'm rotating between putting breast milk in her eye when it's not infected and prescription eye drops in when it is. Not sure if ANYTHING helps because those infections seem to hang on forever. As of last week the skin under her eye is raw and bleeding from the constant moisture, but she's a trooper and is only mad for a second and makes her little snorting noise in protest.

In the next month I would really love to see her learn to roll over, hear that long awaited belly laugh and move her into her own crib in Molly's room

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