Sunday, February 7, 2010

Adventures in cloth diapering is...

Not so good. I ordered two diaper covers from etsy. I was sadly disappointed when I received them. As someone who can sew on my own I immediately saw every flaw. So maybe no one else would ever see them since they will most of the time be in her pants but I will know so I cancelled the 6 other diaper covers and decided to make my own. H, my brother's girlfriend is making them for their baby as well. I was so excited to hear she was planning on cloth diapering like I was, I just instantly felt a little more sane. My mom cloth diapered because that's basically all they had 22 years ago but my sister is just not very... organic. lol.

So I bought gauze prefolds and realised I needed somewhere to put them so my mom and I whipped this up tonight. She is amazing, my mother; she made this pattern up all in her head. It took about 1.5 hours.

In the first diaper wash I tossed all 24 prefolds and 2 plastic pants in and then after drying them I realised I hadn't taken out the plastic pants and I looked for them everywhere... I eventually found them.
See the waste and leg bands? lol.

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