Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two Months

Lucy is 2 months old. Oddly enough she was 9 weeks when she became 2 months. These things baffle me.

What she's doing this month:

Crying - a lot.

Eating - a lot.

Sleeping like a pro. Sometimes she'll go for 10 hours straight of sleeping and wakes up ravenously hungry. When she is tired and ready for bed we simple wrap her in her "miracle blanket" and pop in her binki. It's pretty comical really, she doesn't even protest one bit she just instantly closes her eyes and is asleep.

Plays - only a little bit. She looooves her swing still and will sit in there looking at the mobile. She also really loves our Christmas tree and we love to stick her under it.

And as you can see she has an adorable little grin which she flashes between hours and hours of screaming. lol. But we like her still. She's pretty neat.

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