Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

The kids just had a BLAST hanging up their ornaments. I have to tell you how easy it is for us to flick up our tree and the lights are already up... we don't have to go mucking along some farm freezing in the snow... we can just sit at home, take ten minutes and start drinking some cocoa (rum optional... heehee). We layed out all the ornaments and talked about when the kids got them and then gave them their ornaments for 2009. Our tree's theme is "homemade" so the ornaments we bought the kids were their initial in the shape of cookies. They're super cute and we were happy to add them to the collection. We also have a popcorn string, cranberry peppermint garland, chocolate soldiers and some fun wood ornaments. Even though we only put lights up in our front window and mainly decorated the mantle and of course the tree, I feel like it's the perfect amount of decorating.

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