Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bird Houses

Building those *%$#&@* bird houses.

Woman in my head: "Oh I think I'll hand make all our gifts this year... oh I think we'll build bird houses and rainbows will appear and little leprechauns will serve us hot cocoa as we sit by the fire pretending to be little elves with our golden hammers..." <- Kill this woman. Building bird houses has got to be the worst homemade present we've ever made. GAH. Still thinking about it makes me break out in a cold sweat. First of all I should say I got these bird house kits this summer and planned all fall and up until this day to have Jerry build them with the boys while they all giggled and looked like a hallmark commercial. I did not plan on angrily sending the kids to bed so I could finish these damned things so the damn kids could paint them. (*blushing* excuse the french). These kits were very obviously poorly made. The pieces did not fit well together, bird house A didn't come with any nails and bird house B didn't come with a perch. After countless hours of gluing and banging away I gave up. Literally THROWING the bird house at the table (not really like me, I *usually* have patients... at least more than that) and had to calm myself by taking a hot bath. Jerry jumped into finish them while I pulled countless slivers from every inch of my body that touched the bird houses and complaining loudly how my arms hurt. I ended up having to go to bed because it gave me such bad anxiety and it was actually worse when I woke up the next morning to find all that banging away did quite the number on my new (purchased this summer) table. :( Sad Mommy. My Dad hopefully will appreciate these SO much that my heart will forgive my head and the table will fill with marshmallows and angels will start singing... I digress.

We still have to paint them.

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