Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Month

On Tuesday Lucy had her one month well child check. I absolutely hate this part of being a parent. I want to protect her from everything; colds, flues, shots... but most of all horrible diseases! Jerry and I have had sooo many discussions on vaccinations and have yet to come to a conclusion we like. We've looked at each shot and examined the contents, where they come from, what a side effect could be... and of course there are horrible things that have happened to healthy children, but we have decided that the kids should be vaccinated and went ahead and got Lucy's second Hepatitis B shot. I know some of my friends are really against shots and some of them are for shots and some of them like me are undecided, but get the shots because it's better to be safe than sorry. I'd hate for someone to think I'm irresponsible for not taking a stand and having my own decisions that I stand 100% on but to me, I'm not a medical professional so I'm just going to take their advice on this one.

We found our tiny baby has been rapidly gaining weight! Like a champion really, and is now 8lbs 5oz! I'm completely in love with her little baby fat rolls. They are SO adorable!

The great diaper rash battle is still on going. After trying nestatin (antibiotic cream), cornstarch, baking soda baths, hydrocodizone, Avent baby diaper rash creme (clear and white), Boudreaux’s (sp) butt paste, A&D (white and clear) and a mixture of nestatin, white diaper rash cream and hydrocodizone with no improvement to her diaper rash I finally tried plain ol' zinc oxide and no joke in 24 hours it's looking SO much better. I'm going to skip how horrible it has gotten even since my last post because it just makes me sick to think about it. And despite what my pediatrician said I gave her some Tylenol because there's no way in hell she wasn't in agonizing pain. AND after giving her the Tylenol she stopped her horrible screaming which had been going on for basically 4 days. Last night I was able to change her diaper without her crying and I just felt so relieved.She is now back to her sweet cuddling and sleeping self. In fact, I'm attributing her new sleeping abilities to her bottom feeling better because she's now only waking up twice a night and basically sleeping through her feeding then falling right back to sleep.

Lucy is a die hard lover of her binki. I'd say more than her siblings ever were. She is incredibly skilled at keeping it in her mouth and I only have to replace it occasionally. I support binkis. I love them.

I love so much about this little baby girl. She is so snugly and so amazingly peaceful. When I'm feeling stressed out I love to hold her and this calmness washes over me. Even when she's awake she just looks around silently. It hardly seems possible I've been sleeping upright for a month now. Where has the time gone? I feel the same pride and over whelming happiness as I did the first time I saw her, every time I look into her sweet ever rounding face. She has brought something to our family I wasn't aware was missing, but now she's here and I can't imagine what we did with ourselves before she was here.

We all love her so much and are always really careful with her...

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