Monday, November 23, 2009

a little less wise...

I haven't been able to decide if I'd blog on my horrible traumatic experience at the dentist but since I apparently like to complain so much I thought I would, plus it may be therapeutic to talk about... we'll see when I'm done.

On Thursday of last week I started getting a really bad toothache. By Saturday it was so horrible that I called the emergency clinic and we found out my 3rd molar (wisdom tooth) was infected. It was so swollen I couldn't open my mouth very far at all. My lympnodes were incredibly swollen which caused me to have a horrible sore throat and my gums around the infected tooth were bleeding and secreting puss. Super gross right? My awesome dentist called in antibiotics and pain killers for me and I happily was super drugged all weekend. Though it helped me sleep the pain didn't go away and it really was still the most painful long lasting injury I've ever had. On Tuesday morning I went in to see the dentist and he gave me a bunch more drugs including some sort of black mouth wash that is in a glass bottle. It sort of reminds me of some poison captain hook would give to Wendy... I was too afraid to use it but I can imagine a most horrible and painful death had I. He also referred me to the oral surgeon and told me I had to have all 4 3rd year molars out. Yikes!

My oral surgeon (who is seriously the HOTTEST dentist evar) booked me for an emergency extraction and I had 2 days to say goodbye to the dreaded and most hated of my teeth.

Here's the traumatic part. Friday morning my mom drove me to the oral surgeon and they checked me in, I watched an informational video and then went into the operating room. I had to have all these heart monitors, an IV, a blood pressure cuff and oxygen on. I was so incredibly nervous that I was sure I'd vomit. Luckily for all involved the anesthesiologist came in before I was able to and says, "you're going to feel a little slee....." and I was out. I thought I'd slowly feel tired and my eyes would become heavy... this was not a pleasant slumber what so ever. It was very serious drug induced coma-like sleep. It was yucky. I dreamt of circles of light flashing in my eyes and twirling around and a large yellow shaped light coming closer and closer and feeling really panicked by my mouth was too dry to scream. When I woke up very abruptly I could hear myself sobbing really loudly but I couldn't stop and for a second my brain told me something was terribly wrong. I was so confused where I was and the second I could compose my thoughts I started yelling I couldn't breath. It was so incredibly frightening. My mom, ever so wonderful rubbed my arms and whispered sweet things until I could open my eyes. I had never in my life been so afraid and irritated everyone was saying it was perfectly normal. It was NOT normal. I passed out in the wheel chair and slept until I got home. When I woke up my mom helped me eat something and then I blacked out again. I don't remember much until that night. I woke up about every 30 minutes choking on blood and feeling panicked all over again. Jerry helped me into the bathroom and I washed my face. I was shocked to see how horrible I looked. I had a split lip, a very square face and bruises all over my jaw.

The next two days were simple the worst days of recovery. The medication they gave me for the pain barely took the edge off, it made me nauseous and made me vomit several times; each time hurting my mouth soo much. I was finally able to talk well enough to call my dentist. He explained my lower right wisdom tooth had grown into my bone and there was a possibility they had fractured my jaw.

The recovery has been a killer, but then last night around midnight I yawned and my jaw popped really loudly and apparently fell back into place. I talked to a Dr. today and she assured me my jaw was indeed fractured and dislocated and had my jaw not been fractured I would not have been able to put my jaw back into place, I would have had to surgically have it fixed.

This whole ordeal was not at all what I expected. I am feeling sooo much better now and really my only complaint is that my mouth is full of cankersores which I never get and I can't use mouth wash because of my incisions. So I rinse with salt water time and time again and hope that very very soon I'll be whole and able to get back to my crafty, children cuddling, baking self.

I may feel a little better now.

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