Sunday, November 8, 2009

Everlasting incurable diaper rash

Lulu's diaper rash is ever lasting and going strong. I've gotten LOTS of advise from everyone I know and a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to my many experiments. The Zinc Oxide did indeed clear up the yeast infection and the swelling went down for about 24 hours and then the horrible blisters came back with a vengeance and her sensitive areas are swollen, red and raw. I'm going to attempt to consult with a LLL leader tomorrow on the advice of my good friend Courtney and I'm thinking of switching for a few weeks to cloth diapers. I'm changing her diaper about every 20 minutes when she's awake and as soon as she wakes up AND at the beginning of every feeding. Poor sweet baby, she is having such a rough time my heart is breaking for her. She cries so much and I just... :( it's so sad. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some good ideas.


But she sure is a cutie. :)

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