Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I felt so excited directly after having Lucy to share her with everyone I could. Before I had even finished delivering the placenta (sorry, TMI?) I demanded Jerry call my mom and Amanda and let them hear her cry. They rolled out of bed and headed over that night.

My sister was going to stay the night with me so Jerry would have energy and patients for the kids the next day but I was feeling so well I sent them all home. My mom stayed with me for Lucy's first feeding and left about 1:30am.

The next morning my mom came back around 10 and snuggled the baby while I showered. That first shower after having the baby always feels soooo good. I was nice and relaxed for my first group of visitors;

My Grandma loves "generation" pictures and I have to say this one is actually pretty cute!

My Mom, Auntie Jan and Grandma with Lu.

Auntie Robbie

Even Uncle Mike from AK got a snuggle in!

And my Dad!

I also got a visit from Kim on Thursday and Courtney and Z dropped by this afternoon. i forgot to get pictures with them but we'll work on that :)

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