Monday, October 19, 2009

A Lot of Non sleep

Last night Lucy was pretty fussy from 5 pm on. She doesn't outright cry ever; just scrunches up and yelps and whines and grunts. It's her fussy.

I tried gas drops, rocking, swaddling, feeding and her binki. None of it seemed to make her content. It seemed to me like she had gas though. :/ I had to let her fuss by herself after about an hour and a half because the kids were all hungry and it was past six. So she hung out in her swing which she LOVES and ended up falling asleep pretty quickly. She slept very fitfully for about 3 hours then I decided to wake her up and got her ready for bed. She was only interested in eating for a few minutes on one side and then she was all grouchy again. I let her fall asleep and she slept until 2 then only wanted a diaper change and was very irritable. I gave her some more gas drops and she nursed for aprox 3 minutes then again fell asleep really fitfully. I could hardly sleep because I kept thinking she was going to wake up and after hardly nursing for so many hours I was very eager to feed her. lol.

She slept until 6am and then finally she was ready to eat like a normal kid. She nursed on both sides, I changed her diaper and then for the next two hours AGAIN she was really fussy. She had a ton of gas (expelling, not in her tummy) and I had hoped she would settle in after that but she really didn't.

I'm frustrated for her and with me! I am really careful about what I eat and I have tried each individual "problem" food at a time and gave her a day or two see if they would upset her stomach. The thing is yesterday I didn't eat anything I could imagine upsetting her stomach. ugh.

Finally this morning around 8:30 I put her in the swing so I could make the kids breakfast and low and behold she fell asleep. She seems to be pretty restless. She roots around, squishes her face, spits out her binki... she never spits up though so at least she's keeping it down?

Anyone have any advice? I've tried a lot of different thing, like the baby massage, moving her arms and legs, baby crunches, sleeping her on her tummy and I even concocted an awesome mattress wedge. It however, did not seem to help.

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