Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'd give you anything... especially some of my body fat

Lucy has a bit of a fat problem. She doesn't have any. Literally she has 0% body fat. This proves to be a problem because she is incapable of generating her own body heat and also loses it quickly. The pediatrician and nurses have forwarned me about her increased chance of hypothermia. She has to wear a hat, socks, undershirt, jammies and two blankets to stay at 98 degrees.

When she needs a diaper change we have to hurry as fast as possible because by the time we're done her feet are purple. It's very pitiful. If we just take her blanket off she shivers uncontrollably. It is so sad.

She reminds me of a little kitten. She is so tiny and refuses to be put down. I've tried several different approaches to letting her be by herself. Swaddle her in her two blankets and then turn her on her side, swaddle her and prop her up... not so much. Buckling her in her carseat worked yesterday morning for several hours, but we had gone somewhere. I tried to recreate it without actually going out and that didn't work.

And then Courtney brought over Zeke's baby swing and Lu thought it was grand and slept in there... for 10 minutes. The longest she's let us leave her anywhere. lol.

But I really enjoyed those ten minutes!

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