Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa

Our first outing as a family of six was to Shogun.

 Uncle Max, Holly (his girlfriend) and Lucy :)

We tried.

My camera was being all screwy and wouldn't focus... maybe the lighting.
I really am so blessed to have the most non picky kids ever! She loved her calamari salad!??!

Our chef asked my Dad to help cook - he SAID he'd take some money off the bill... I didn't see that discount ;)

Over all the kids did amazing. No breakdowns or sobbing until we got to the car. Though it is a complaint and I'm trying not to complain as much; we made reservations two weeks in advance, showed up 10 minutes before our reservation time and still had to wait 20 min. I find that really unprofessional. After everyone had ordered their food our chef came over and did his stuff, served everyone the food they ordered... except mine! I didn't order anything fried - I had ordered rice and eel bowl from the kitchen. They didn't look closely at the ticket and finally someone mentioned it that I hadn't gotten any food and by then everyone was finished eating. It was really frustrating and did actually ruin my experience. Too bad!

The kids had a great time though. Joe was SO enamoured with the fire. He kept shouting, "Make fire guy!" and actually refereed to our chef as Kung Fu Panda. It was cute but incredibly embarrassing. Sam tried everything he served him and Molly ate and ate and ate. I think bringing the kids added another serving of fun. Usually when we eat out with the big family we don't bring the kids so this was fun.

Happy Birthday Dad! :)

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