Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Bath!

Lucy's umbilical cord fell off on Saturday night and I suddenly realised I didn't have any baby soap, no baby bath or sponge for the big tub and no new washcloths (something I like to do for the new babies). So I waited until Sunday night to bathe her. J HATES bathing babies or letting them be bathed. He's SURE they're going to die horrible deaths of great suffering, alas they never have and I've successfully given children baths for the last 4.5 years. (wow)

I ended up using a beach towel, rolling the top to a point and folding it all over the place so she had a "bed" to lay on. She seemed to think the most horrible part of the evening was getting undressed and once she was in the tub she became very content to look around and occasionally thrash around.


I was very happy she smelled better and was a little less "flaky". :)

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