Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall wreath

I just LOVE Martha Stewart. I knew I wanted to make this the instant her magazine arrived in my mail box last Saturday. It took me a week to get it all together and then about an hour and a half to make. It's so simple and ended up absolutely gorgeous!

Grab your trusty glue gun and get started.

You'll need some extra wide wire ribbon,
An 18" wreath mold,

1lb hazelnuts, 1lb almonds and 1lb of pecans in shell,

and then 3lbs of walnuts,

Working in 5" sections attach the walnuts with your hot glue gun then fill in any empty spots with your smaller nut mixture.

Give your little helper lots of hugs and make sure to warn him the glue gun is really HOT!

slowly work your way around the wreath until you've filled it all in.

Hungry men who are looking for dinner will wander in and eat your walnuts, so watch out!

Add your ribbon and hang on your front door to be admired by all your neighbors!

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