Friday, October 9, 2009

Dr. appointments

Sorry these posts are out of order. I'm trying to get caught up because we're going to be busy really soon and I don't want to miss anything!

We went to Lucy's dr. appointment on the S. hill this morning to check out a couple things.
First of all she has some little white dots in her mouth. It didn't currently look like thrush but I wanted to make sure it wasn't the begining of it! It wasn't. The NP we saw said it's very normal.

We wanted to discuss her failing her hearing test and her billirubin level. We'll go back for another hearing test in 4-6 weeks and I'm not worried about it at all. Her billirubin level is 8.5 so she's in the safe. She's having trouble STILL passing meconium so it makes sense to me that her levels are slightly elevated.

She now seems to have lost a bit more weight than I feel comfortable with. She's down to 5lb 11oz which means she's lost over 10% of her body weight. She is nursing very well. She has a great latch and is great at sucking. However, my milk hasn't come in yet. The NP told me I have to start supplementing with formula. Her fontanals were sunken in a BIT but I'm SOO against letting myself use formula. I want to nurse her as long as possible. I want the special time any night just me and her. I want her to smell like milk and new baby for as long as possible.

I was very discouraged by the time we left but decided I needed to do my errands anyway. We headed to babies r us for some knit stocking caps. The indoor kind. I can't find any that are normal looking. I also I wanted to get her a pack of nightgowns with the elastic on the bottom. I didn't really find what I was looking for but got really bad anxiety while I was in there. Clearly I'm not ready for real life. I managed to make it back to the car. Then we went to get some new bed pillows. I wanted to either get Lu a boppy for nighttime nursing or some new pillows. We went to Ross and paid 5.99 for each pillow and now it's much more comfy to nurse in bed. By the time we got home I was exhausted and burst into tears. Luckily my husband is wonderful and shooed all the kids and closed me in the bedroom telling me to take a nap.

**update** My milk came in about 2am and I never had to give her a supplemental feeding. She's loving the new milk and is such a little piggy. :) We need to put some meat on those skinny bones! lol

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