Friday, September 25, 2009


I'd like to start off by saying: what are the odds of someone going the entire summer without getting stung and then going at the end of September to greenbluff and getting stung within 30 seconds of getting out of the car? I couldn't believe it. Stung by a yellow jacket before I had even closed my door. It stung me right in the crook of my arm. Excuse my abbreviation but WTF? It really didn't hurt that badly, I didn't break down and start sobbing or anything... but man... what are the chances?

But anyway, Jerry's family came to visit this weekend and we made a really fun trip to greenbluff, a local U-pick farm.

Here we are all eating lunch and lookin' cute (besides the goofy looking people... they are just lookin' goofy)

I'm sorry, she was so cute I got about 55 (okay so 76) pictures of just her
This is my adorable (and really vocal) nephew T.
The cousins!
Sam making snow angels.
Molly on the... swingy thing.
This child climbs everything without a second thought. I was nervous for her. :)
again... adorable :) lol
Me and Molly. Looks like she's pleading for us to stop taking her pictures! lol

Molly took a ride with Aunt Christy
Then she found a shady spot to eat her apple. :) lol. She's so cute, she makes me giggle.

Go figure that we took about 13 pictures of us in the same pose but NONE of them have all of us eating apples and or with our eyes open. Maybe the imperfection leads to it's complete silliness. :)

I love me some greenbluff! :)

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