Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fair Day!

Oh how I love me some Fair.

We rode the train

And raced cars

Joe says, "It's my lightning McQueen Face!"
and took a break to check out all the boothes then shared a funnel cake and freshly squeezed lemonade... seeds and all

Then we walked around the livestock barn and Molly fell in love with a goat named Charlie and a mule named Henry

then they rode the slide (which according to a certain 4 year old was not scary AT ALL) and they rode the bears

and the boys checked out Douglas (who was not actually Douglas and had signs all over saying, "KEEP OFF" but who are we to read signs before taking cute pictures?)

Then we took our annual at the fair picture

and some baby tossing was involved. You know, for the smiles.

How I love me some fair.

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