Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Polski Funeral

1. Vodka - check
2. Way too much weird looking food that tastes heavenly - check

3. An overabundance of slightly plump incredibly loving and lip kissing relatives - check

4. More vodka - check

5. More food - check

6. An old woman shoveling food onto your plate every time you blink - check

7. A different old woman refilling your beverage every time you take a sip - check and double check

8. A billion Polish people squished into one tiny house and all shouting to be heard - check check check

9. At least 2 tables stuffed full of people playing cards - yep, they were there too

And most importantly;

10. a LOT of fun with people you see only at funerals who love you dearly even when you've only met them once or twice or in some cases never but love you because you're family... yep. Check

Another indication you are at a Polski Rodzini (polish family) gathering is when you are only barely 15 weeks pregnant and everyone and their cousin (literally) has to touch your tummy and say some sort of blessing or ask how are you feeling while they rub you... which may or may not be severely uncomfortable... you know, especially if you've never met them.

But I did have a ton of fun not only because I left my kids with my husband but also because I played cards with my Uncle Gary, Aunt Linda, Aunt Robbie, Aunt Pam, Grandma and some guy who is my mom's second cousin named Mike... and his nurse.

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