Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

I woke up at 7:45 and cuddle with Daddy J until about 8:30. Why the kids were sleeping so long I didn't know or care - we NEVER get to just be awake and in bed. So nice.
My house had to be cleaned and my family would be over around 3pm. So I set off to work!

I cleaned out the fireplace of all the ashes from this winter then vacuumed, dusted and straightened the living room. I went down the hall to the office, the kids rooms and the bathroom cleaning and emptying garbage's. It was actually a little relaxing since Daddy just played in the basement with the kids! Around 11 we cleaned the kitchen while the kiddos ate Mac & Cheese and then got to work on our bedroom. Since we moved our stuff around all the miscellaneous things and homeless crap was in the middle of my room - so we found homes and even made the bed! :) Since the rain was on a little break I ran out and raked the backyard so we could have our egg hunt after everyone got here.

Finally at noon I was exhausted and fell into bed for an hour nap. After my nap I started my lamb and at 1:15 slid it into the oven - I had hoped it would be done by 3!!!

The last leg of the afternoon was expanding and setting the table, dressing the kids and ourselves and doing some pre-dinner dishes. It's so fun to work along side Daddy J - he turns on music and plays around (sometimes too much. lol) and does basically whatever I want! Today he loaded the dishwasher twice! :)

So my sister and her Fiance got here first, then my parents and then my brother. When everyone got here the fun began.

Daddy J ran into the living room and told Super S the Easter Bunny had stolen all our eggs - he read him a letter the E.B had left telling him to follow the clues to find all the eggs and a present if he was quick.  Super S was totally into it! He kept saying, "that tricky bunny!" and then running to where the clues led. I left two eggs with each clue - one for Little J and one for Super S.

For example - where does the mail man leave his letters? Where does Daddy sit when he's on his computer? Where does Mommy do the laundry? Where does Princess M eat? Where does Little J dig and bury things? And then I left their Easter Baskets outside by the sandbox with a note than congratulated the boys on their team work and how smart they were. Daddy J told Super S the E.B had just jumped over the back fence! Super S wanted to track him down and tell him to quit being so tricky. lol. It was SO fun! The boys got new gardening gloves, a little bag of candy and a small chocolate bunny in their baskets and Princess M got new Hello Kitty silverware in hers.

Sadly my thermometer broke and by the time the meat was at 145 it was already 5:30 and the lamb was WAY over cooked! I was so sad I could have cried! But oh well, we also had mashed potatoes, asparagus, devilled eggs, fruit and CANDY! :) My sister made some really yummy lemon meringue pie - it was SO good! Then I had some tea and now... *YAWN* I'm ready for bed!

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