Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Sunday Jaunt

Super S has been sick this week. On Monday he was deemed infected with Influenza B.Horribleness.

He's been soo miserable all week. There were lots of bouts of sobbing, not a lot of sleeping and extreme crabbiness. He was also feeling it. ;)

We thought he felt better yesterday and so today we got up and left around 9 am! We went to the mall downtown but realised too late that they don't open until 11 so we left. Thankfully we didn't get charged for parking. Daddy J wanted to go the the Valley Mall so we headed out that way but missed the exit to the mall and ended up in Idaho! lol... not that we didn't know we were going there. lol. We stopped at Safeway and I bought some cascade (since it's illegal in Washington) and cadburry eggs - I have no self control.

So then we went to Ihop for lunch and all the kids ate a TON! Princess M ate half my omelet, a pancake, hash browns and a ton of juice.

Of course what happens when children eat a ton??

So we drove back here and went to Northtown Mall. I went to look at a pair of maternity jeans and then we played in the play area for almost an hour. lol. All three kids ran around like crazy until Super S came back with a horrible coughing fit. I didn't have any water to offer him so Daddy J offered him a drink of his coffee and it seemed to make things worse. For fear of an approaching asthma attack we packed up and decided to head home. We had one more stop - a new movie! Super S picked Pinocchio but seemed to be headed downhill pretty quickly. On our way out to the car he burst into tears and said his ear hurt him.

By the time we got home he was hysterical. Crying, coughing, gagging... snot everywhere. I finally got him on the couch and had to force him to take Tussin. He was so upset (very unlike himself) and was just so sad. I felt terrible forcing him to take icky medicine. He also had someTylenol and finally an albuterol treatment. And THEN he calmed down. His lungs sound much more clear. He's situated on the couch with his blanket, lion and pillow and keeps moaning he doesn't feel well. Poor guy.

He's just so miserable. He's sobbing and sobbing for Papa (my Dad is in Alaska though!) and Ihaven't been able to get a hold of him.

So yep - wish us luck!

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