Sunday, March 29, 2009

My new Family Closet! EEEAAAAEEEEK!

My husband finally gave into my pestering and went out to get our new closet system. I refer to it as a "family" closet. Basically it's in our laundry room (which is for the most part unfinished) so it's easilyaccessible and easy to hang our clothes up and stuff them into baskets because really, what mom of 3 1/3 children has time to fold 4 loads of laundry a day?? Certainly not me! I hang up shirts and our jeans and was stuffing everything else into separate laundry baskets. Here's my new system!!!

"Hrm this is the wrong size of screw driver... oh well, I'll just use nails"XD

Trying out the size

Putting the boxes up (*giggle* he has amazing decorating sense)

All done (don't worry we have more clothes than that - I just haven't hung them up yet!)

In other exciting news (I know you're probably wondering what could be more exciting than a new closet!) we went to the mall yesterday in search of swim trunks for the boys. Go figure good olgymboree was having a sale and I bought the boys each a pair of trunks! They're adorable and on Tuesday I'll post some pictures of all three bambinosin their cute swim suits when we go swimming at the Air Force base. Anyway that wasn't exciting I know - but Daddy J who does not like shopping, spending money or new adorable kid clothes took Little J who is just like his Daddy and they went to look around. They arrived back just as I was paying and Daddy J asked for my phone (A Blackberry Pearl he bought me a few months ago) so I gave it to him and he said when I was done to meet him by Barnes and Noble. So me and the kids walked (at an oh so slow pace) to the meeting place and Daddy J waved to me in the Cingular/ATT store. He's always playing around with our plans and when does this end and I want to add this on - I thought maybe he was FINALLY adding some text messages on to my plan, but no. He smiled widely and showed me his purchases - A NEW iPHONE!!!!! FOR ME! He said he wanted to add another line to our plan so I could talk to him even though he'll be gone so much and he figured I wanted an iphone so he would just take my blackberry. OMG. He's so surprising! :) Yay for Daddy J!!!!

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