Monday, February 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last night as I was unloading the dishwasher I reached up to put the cheese grater away - high above the stove for the children's safety of course... of course I didn't think about my safety and grated off the pads of 4 of my fingers.

2. I am now pursuing a career at the CIA since I have no finger prints.

3. Yesterday afternoon Super S and Little J were fighting over the computer. As I was walking down the hall I saw Little (and yet very strong) J push Super S and his chair over. I sent them to their rooms and declared the computer to be in time out for the day.

4. My husband reported to me that while I was out Super S had asked him if he could play the computer. My husband asked him what I had said and Super S (my 3 year old of course) told him I said he could only play if I weren't home and if I were then he'd have to get off. My husband found this incredibly funny so continued to press him for the truth. "So what if Mom comes home while you're playing?" Super S says, "I'll get off really fast." so Daddy J says, "Well then I should call her and ask her - don't you think?" and Super S says, "Well she said I could but I don't want to anymore." and that's when Daddy knew he knew it was wrong.

5. Super S's computer was removed from his room.

6. I rarely do second hand shopping for Princess M. I didn't so much when the boys were babies too because during this crawling getting into everything period kids can be pretty tough on their clothes. Anyway I took 3 boxes of Princess M's baby clothes that are too small into our local "Other Mothers" but since the big snow the one by my house collapsed and the one that is 40 minutes away was my only choice. I ended up finding Princess M 4 shirts from gymboree in her size with the original tags still on them AND a couple shirts from baby gap. I should post a picture but I didn't have her wear them yet - eww I have to wash them.

7. I stopped on my way home from the Valley at "Learning is Fun" and bought the kids a new bath toy since the other cute little duckies have black vomit. My mother tells me it's mold. Gross.

8. I'm having a play date at my house with some of my friends today. I also get to go to another play date this week on Thursday with a friend I haven't seen in forever. I feel play date happy!

9. Next Saturday a friend and I are revealing our secret project so watch closely for a new button to come!

10. Princess M's new bows arrived two days ago and I am so excited today she's going to wear the very first one! :)

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