Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not Me Monday!

If you have never participated in "Not Me Monday" you should - it's so fun and a good way to relaease stress for free! Simply click on Mr. Linky and follow MckMama's instructions on this great "blogging carnival" after all who doesn't need a little bit of MckTherapy? :)

1. I did not let my daughter walk around yesterday afternoon carrying a dirty garbage can just because she wanted to... I am after all very sanitary and would never subject Princess M to those icky germs.

2. I most certainly did not let my boys have chocolate cake for breakfast. That would be SO unhealthy. I also did not join in and eat a piece with them.

3. I did NOT go out and buy the Princess a new dress, hat and matching sweater in the name of my grandma's funeral when Princess M has two brand new dresses hanging in her closest with the tags on them... because that would not be "tightening" my belt. (it was on sale though... so at least that)

4. I do not love the heck out of this guy *see below* and his funny sense of humor. I'm never secretly pleased to share our birthdays together and am never never never happy when he comes home.

5. I do not love my birthday because all my busy friends come out of the woodwork to write me, messge me, text me, IM me or twitter me Happy Birthday! And I don't get teary eyed at all the love going around. - Nope... Not Me!

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