Friday, February 6, 2009

Just a bunch of Garbage...

I grew up in a small town on the small island of Japan. The Japanese people are
very earth conscious. You MUST separate burnables, plastic, dark and light glass
and metal into their own bins on garbage day. Their garbage days are a little
different than tossing it out on the front of your house like in the US. Each
neighborhood has their own garbage pile where everyone contributes their trash.

The Wall of Everything

In January I ordered two new very large recycling bins. I want to make sure and have enough room for the ease of things. I keep it in my kitchen on my everything wall It's been almost a week now and we're just about to fill up the first bin. I am incredibly pleased with ourdiscipline this week. My children love to recycle, probably because it's a new concept but it's still really fun for them. So here it is; my very first S.L.A. :)
Recycling Center :)

I believe being earth friendly and not using too much power, energy or non renewable resources is a huge part of living simply. I have always wished to live in a simpler time and strive to live that way now regardless of our culture.

(I have no idea a) why the top part is underlined and b) how I change it.Sorry!)

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