Friday, February 20, 2009

The Hair Cutting Massacre - Winter 09'

I decided today was the day. I had a certain amount more energy than usual so I decided to get the scissors out.

Super S did very well. He held still and let me manipulate his head around while i used the # 8 on the top and a #5 on the bottom/back.

Little J was a MUCH bigger difference. He screamed his head off. I can't even describe the horrors of his loud screams. I had to keep him pinned to the chair with my knee and hold his head with one arm and attempt to cut straight...which didn't work so I grabbed the buzzer and went that route. He had his mouth hanging open screaming so by the end there was a mixture of tears, snot and hair running right in there. And then he freaked out and started slapping his face... and icky. I could understand. I hurried as fast as possible and kept telling him comforting things but he was hysterical. I got him to the shower - another fight because he is deathly afraid of getting his hair washed. But by the time it was over he was so scared and was shaking and sobbing into my apron. It was so pitiful. I snuggled him on the couch afterwards and then gave him some snacks and milk. I forget how much of a baby he is. Momma's apron and milk for comfort.  He's recovered now and his hair is cute - as cute as I've ever been able to cut it. lol... which isn't saying much. And my disclaimer - it's not straight!

This is the amount of hair I had to take off too! LOL

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